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What would you do?

What do an abandoned lot, a boarded-up home and a graffiti-ridden underpass have in common? Each of these prevalent urban landmarks provide a golden opportunity for communities to improve their public space!

Reporting an issue on SeeClickFix about a vacant house or an overgrown lot does much more than simply call attention to it. Chances are, many of your neighbors have ideas on what can be done to best utilize the space. Working together by sharing feedback, suggestions and information,  SeeClickFix users can collaborate and transform neglected public spaces into valuable neighborhood resources.

In New Haven, residents of the Fair Haven Heights neighborhood are using SeeClickFix to share ideas on how to revitilize their riverfront community. Issue #95752 reported by FairHavenHeights_Parents outlined a few ideas on what could fill the empty space currently there.
I believe we have enough families who would go there every day if there was a small market, a nice restaurant on the water and some kind of outside seating where we could sit by the water and have lunch, coffee, etc. Build a parking lot, plant some trees and put some tables outside...You don't need a lot to make that a nice space- the river and marina view is enough.
An issue can also serve as a call-to-action, or as a catalyst for conversation about the needs of a community.  An anonymous reporter in Bremerton, WA created issue #93750 - Community rain gardens in dire need of weeding!, asking for help with post-winter maintenance.  Another user in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan posted issue #83825 - Suggestions for Field House to discuss how their local recreation center could better serve the community while boosting membership.

So now that you know what an abandoned lot, a boarded-up home and a graffiti-ridden underpass have in common, what would you do with that space to improve your community?


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