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The New Neighborhood Watch

Ever wonder what your neighbors think about that pothole at your intersection? Worried that you're not tuned in with the latest community concerns? Fear not, SeeClickFixers! Our watch area feature allows you to stay connected with your neighbors while giving you real time updates about local issues, with just a few clicks.

Let's say you're a SeeClickFix user living in New Haven and want to receive updates about what is being reported right outside your door.

You would first log in and then click on "Watch Areas" at the top of your issues list.

Here you will see a list of watch areas in and around your community. These watch areas are created by community groups, neighborhood associations, or by concerned citizens like yourself.

Select a watch area from the list on the right and it will appear on the map. Click "Details" to see what is being reported in this area.

The community page for the selected watch area is where users can view a map of the area, see a list of issues reported within the watch area boundaries, see the status of area issues and read a description about the watch area.

Get excited! You're one click away from getting notifications about what's happening in your neighborhood! Click the "Watch Area Followers" tab, circled at left.

Simply put your name and email address in the fields and join others in following your community on SeeClickFix! Whenever an issue is reported within the watch area you're now subscribed to, we will send you an email alert to tell you about it. 

So whether you need to know what's happening in your neighborhood, want to stay in tune with issues related to a cause you care about, or are just curious about your neighbors concerns, following a watch area is a great way to get real time information about your community.


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