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Using SeeClickFix to Fight Crime

With the help of social media, police officers have been exploring new ways to serve and protect their citizens according to The Next Web. The tech-focused blog detailed how social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter allow for instantaneous communication and information sharing on a large scale. Utilizing these outlets, police departments encourage greater interaction and dialogue between the people they serve and themselves--an idea that SeeClickFix can proudly stand behind.

Perhaps the most interesting change, however, ties directly into police investigations. Based in New Haven, SeeClickFix recently witnessed firsthand how its online tool can actually aid local police units as they challenge crime in their communities.

Reported 12 days ago, Issue #94124-Prostitution involved the presence of prostitutes on Chapel Street between Norton and Winthrop. With their 'Gripe of the Day' feature, the New Haven Register decided to look into the problem and spoke with the police department on April 11th. Lt. Ray Hassett told the newspaper they would look into it---and they sure did. Just three days later, the New Haven Register reported that nine individuals were charged with prostitution after the police department conducted its recent sting operation.

This issue not only demonstrates the ability of SeeClickFix to keep communities safe and crime-free. It also shows the power of collaboration. When local governments, media organizations, and citizens work together, everybody wins.


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