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Redefine The Good Life

SeeClickFix co-founder and CEO Ben Berkowitz recently sat down with The 11 Project to talk transparency, his definition of "the good life", and what he believes humanity needs most these days (spoiler alert: it has to do with potholes!).

His interview is featured in The Share Issue, the second issue of this free, digital magazine. The 11 Project editor Brooke Thomas very eloquently explained the inspiration behind their latest theme and the questions posed to the 11 people they asked to share.

Connection, community, and sharing seem to be in our DNA. All of these things are an enormous part of what it means to be human. We used to live in very tightly know communities where everyone's connection to, and responsibility for, the other was assumed. We can skip the history lesson, but suffice it to say, somewhere along the way we decided that the single family home with the two car garage was the way to go, and our communities changed drastically.

Thank you to Brook and to The 11 Project for helping SeeClickFix share our story!


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