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One of Our Favorite Things

'Raindrops on roses' and 'whiskers on kittens' may not be some of our favorite things here at SeeClickFix. Seeing issues fixed, however, definitely falls into that category--especially when those issues are reported by first-time users.

Reported one month ago and viewed 42 times, Issue #88460- Ugly garbage & shopping cart involved the dumping of trash and shopping carts along Parkway Street and its bridge in Hamden, CT. SeeClickFix user Helen B. submitted the issue, believing her neighborhood was being ruined by this activity. Another user Brian agreed the mess should be cleaned.

Thanks to Hamden Public Works, Helen can now rest easy after they fixed it just two days ago. As a first-time SeeClickFix user, Helen excitedly commented:
This is fantastic--as a first time user, I am so impressed. It shows that the local governments are using your website and can clean up! Thank you!!!
With SeeClickFix, citizens anywhere in the world can report and monitor issues in their neighborhoods. When these citizens see their issues fixed, they're more likely to become engaged in their communities on a greater scale, and that benefits everyone everywhere!


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