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Down with Blight

Six months ago, Journalist Doug Hardy created a SeeClickFix Issue to raise awareness about a blighted building that has plagued the town of Windsor, CT for years. Along with the town planner, Hardy has been using SeeclickFix to update Windsor residents about the town's progress in getting rid of the building.

Just today he posted the following photos. Seems like they're nearing on a fix!


  1. Thanks guys. This process had been ongoing (for many years apparently) before I got involved but it's certainly worth mentioning to SeeClickFix users and Journal Inquirer readers. I met property owner Joe Cicero today and spoke with another town official a few weeks ago about it. Sounds like the property owners and the planning and zoning commission couldn't see eye-to-eye 20 years ago. But it appears now that things have changed and the town is trying to help develop the property.

    The bottom photo is what's left of the tavern, which is shown before demolition in the top image.

  2. ZAK says:

    Cool--thanks for the explanation and the great photos.

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