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SeeClickFix: Journalism in its "Purest and Rawest Form"

An article published today in a blog by The Guardian makes an emphatic case for why SeeClickFix is such a great tool for journalists. Local news reporters can use SeeClickFix to glean important facts and quotes for a story, reducing the cost of pounding the pavement for cash strapped publications.

Author Dan Kennedy (pictured at right) uses SeeClickFix's partnership with hyperlocal news-site the New Haven Independent as a case study in the relationship between SeeClickFix and local journalism. In doing so, he provides some serious publicity for a SeeClickFix issue about an unattractive storefront in downtown New Haven, which the Independent turned into a news story in January.

Thanks again to the author Dan Kennedy, who stopped by the SeeClickFix office in May to chat with Ben.

Kennedy describes how the Independent's managing editor Melissa Bailey used SeeClickFix to assemble the facts for her story:
I spotted the SeeClickFix ticket when it popped up on our homepage through an RSS feed [...] The story was perfectly lined up – I had the location (pinpointed on a map) and a stream of quotable comments critiquing the facade. All I had to add for the story was a photo of the storefront and a call to the owner.
Kennedy writes that while many internet forums on news-sites degenerate into "banality and sheer nastiness," SeeClickFix manages to "channel audience participation in constructive, useful ways."

The article presents two different perspectives on the relationship between SeeClickFix and journalism, one from CEO Ben Berkowitz and from New Haven Independent Editor Paul Bass. Surprisingly, the more glowing review of SeeClickFix came from outside the company.

While Ben said that he does not consider SeeClickFix to be journalism but a "tool for journalists," Bass called SeeClickFix journalism "in its purest and rawest form." According to Bass, SeeClickFix:
"brings out information that journalists wouldn't have known about, information that often leads to good stories upon further investigation. It also makes things happen. In New Haven it has restored my faith in democracy as I've watched city officials monitor the site and act upon its complaints."

Please click here to read the full article! And check out Kennedy's interview with Ben that served as the basis for the Guardian piece.


  1. It is a great angle. I hope a lot more newspapers see the value.

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