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Fixes at Long Last

It's been a little while since we've aggregated fixes du jour on the blog. In recent weeks (thanks to the new Washington Post widget) the pace of incoming issues has accelerated from a steady stream into a waterfall– over 1,000 issues were reported in the past 5 days!

This is exciting news indeed, but it makes it a bit trickier to stay on top of all the wonderful fixes that are happening each day on account of SeeClickFix.

Here's news of two that came in today, in Nashville and in Bethesda, MD.

'Hallelujah' from Nashville:

In Nashville, SeeClickFixer Debi Tucker created an issue five months ago to raise awareness about an abandoned home sitting on a flatbed trailer. Two to three years of looking at this eyesore and numerous ignored reports later, citizens were thrilled to learn that the trailer was finally demolished.

Debi rejoiced on the SCF website, “The house on the trailer is FINALLY gone. Hallelujah. After several years, it’s finally gone.”

The Codes and Building Safety Department reported that they exhausted their resources trying to track down the party responsible for the trailer. With an absentee owner, the City was able to submit it for demolition and it was wrecked. (Sadly, no before and after demo photos were provided)

Dude, Where's my Porsche?

A SeeClickFixer in Bethesda, MD was shocked to see five weeks go by without a driver claiming the Porsche 928 GT that sat in a grocery store parking lot. The user had notified the police to no avail, but got word from a town official just one day after posting the issue on SeeClickFix.

Upon investigating, police determined the status of the abandoned vehicle: it was not stolen and cannot be towed since it lies on private property. SeeClickFix was able to make this communication happen, and the issue was closed just five days after it was posted.


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