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Alpharetta Gets SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix is proud to partner with the City of Alpharetta, GA. Alpharetta recently signed up for a SeeClickFix Plus account and posted a widget on its website for easy access to citizens.

“The cost to adopt SeeClickFix is much less than we would have experienced by building an application from scratch,” explained James Drinkard, Alpharetta’s Assistant City Administrator in a press release on the city's website. “More importantly, the company does not sell or share the personal information of SeeClickFix users, and the application has been proven by use in other communities.”

Citing the opportunity for increased efficiency, Alpharetta's Mayor Arthur Letchas is also excited to start using with SeeClickFix.

“When an issue was reported using our old Citizens In Action Form there was usually not enough information included for us to properly respond to the complaint," said Mayor Letchas. The city would have to deploy a city employee to check out the problem on site.

However, "Using GPS technology and enabling the citizen to include a photograph when they submit the report should allow us in most cases to eliminate that middle man and simply dispatch appropriate personnel to the site,” said that mayor.

We are excited to work with Alpharetta to bring residents there the best possible service and new opportunities for communicating their needs.


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