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Get Your Gripe On

The Washington Post became the latest publication to join forces with SeeClickFix. As of today, the Post's website will feature our widget prominently on its local news section.

The paper created a sleek new page called "The Daily Gripe," dedicated to providing users an outlet for reporting local problems through a SeeClickFix Map Widget. The Post will pick the most interesting report every day to highlight in "The Daily Gripe" blog. Problems that get fixes will be mentioned in a section called "They Fixed It?"

According to the site:

The goal of The Daily Gripe is to use our power as a news organization to help residents fix the basic problems that are not being addressed in their communities - broken parking meters, potholes, trash-strewn medians and the like. It's service journalism on a grassroots level.
We are very excited to launch this new partnership and are thrilled by the Post's innovative use of our services! Please click here to visit The Daily Gripe.


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