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Connecting the Online Dots

Sally Duros sees SeeClickFix as an important "stream" of hyperlocal news, merging and connecting with other streams along the way, as new media and journalism transition and coalesce into something new and unforeseen.

Check out today's HuffPost article on the "future of news" by journalist, SeeClickFix widget user, and former Chicago Tribune editor, Duros.
Here's an excerpt.

Many Chicago alderman are signed up for SeeClickFix. We are forming new communication channels on the Web for talking to our governments, creating a crowd-sourced complaint system and measuring the quality of government's response to our complaints and requests for service [...]

It can't be long now before this all comes together, and when it does it will be in several robust forms that will provide access to volumes of information we've not had access to before. And it will be up to a diversity of journalists to do the job of helping to create, vet, sort and distribute these streams.


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