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Kudos to North Hempstead!

The Town of North Hempstead, NY has been responding quietly to its residents' SeeClickFix requests for 5 months now. With more than 220,000 residents, The Long Island "town" is as big as a small sized city (comparable to Orlando, FL or Baton Rouge, LA). But politically and aesthetically, the town's an amalgamation of 30 villages and 19 hamlets with a history of independent representation.

The idiosyncrasies of Long Island's Town/ Village system can make alerting the proper authority tricky on our end. If a user reports a problem with a road in Plandome Manor, a village within the town of North Hempstead, who is responsible? The village or the town?

Frankly, we dunno. We're still working these issues out as we expand into new communities. But while many local governments would abdicate responsibility altogether after receiving a SCF report outside of their jurisdiction, employees from the Town of North Hempstead have been helpful enough to report theses issues to the village authorities themselves.

They genuinely care about getting things fixed. Thanks!


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