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DIY in Detroit

We came across the following user testimonial on a Detroit discussion board that epitomizes the kind of change that SeeClickFix can help make happen. Rather than take quotes from it, here's the whole post, which speaks for itself.

Sitting at home this evening I see a SUV pull up in the driveway next door. Mind you, this home has been vacant for the last 9 months and you can imagine the jungle/yard it has obtained since then. The gentleman in the vehicle pulls out two weed wackers and a lawn mower so I go out to greet him. Turns out he is the city councilman for my district. He mentions to me that he was tipped off by a website called He used his Blackberry to take before and after photos of the work which he then posted to the website. I checked it out and it seems like a good idea. My free time is limited but I'd be willing to help out too. Anyone here use or visit this website? I'd love to hear any comments.


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