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Empty Spaces in Brooklyn

Photos posted on SeeClickFix normally highlight a problem that needs to be removed–like graffiti, a trash pile, or an overgrown yard. The following set of photos, aggregated from the flurry of new issues recently posted by users from Brooklyn's Columbia Street Waterfront neighborhood, does the opposite.

These photos are of empty spaces–empty spaces that residents want filled in with bike racks. You'll have to use your imagination to envision just how much better these following spots could be.

Issue 42786: "Bike rack could go in corner where fences of urban meadow community garden and mother Cabrini playground meet"

Issue 42784: "Bike racks needed across street from urban meadow community garden and mother Cabrini playground."

Issue 42735: "Bike rack needed near 96 President St, on the side of Columbia St. Foods supermarket."


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