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Flashback to Guam Graffiti

Back in October, we told you about one Guam resident Don Muna who took matters into his own hands and dealt with graffiti on the Yona Bridge just eleven days after being reported.

After spending some time on the Interwebz, I stumbled upon this awesome YouTube video that documents how he cleaned it up. Citizens everywhere can learn a lot from this SeeClickFix user!


  1. Tracey says:

    Great post I love it, reminds me of a company called Graffiti Kings run by graffiti artist Darren Cullen called Ser from London in the United Kingdom, they are really good professional graffiti artists for hire/commission who have worked with artists like Banksy. Their graffiti wallpaper effect really strikes me as very original, I know many people who would want some hand painted graffiti wallpaper in their kids bedroom or frontroom, go take a look or if they don’t float your boat take a look at the UKs best graffiti artist agency

  2. Ben says:

    Love this! I like his advice to go to city hall for public walls as opposed to destroying property. They could use SCF for that too.

    Also love that he reported the issue and fixed the issue.

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