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Fixing the Ivy League

Yale Sophomore Brian Tang has worked his way to the top of New Haven's SeeClickFixing order. He's earned 8685 civic points, commented 405 times, reported on 85 issues, and closed 26 issues (as of 11 AM on Feb 25).

But he's not stopping there. Just this week he launched a SeeClickFix oriented column on Scene, the Yale Daily News blog. Tang will use the column to document "some of the most egregious nuisances he's noticed around Yale's campus."

His first post takes on a chronic puddle on a main Yale thoroughfare, that has indubitably "soaked the socks of many a Yalie as they waited for the light to change" (see video above)

Tang's column urges his readers to support the issue on SeeClickFix after reading the article.

We look forward to reading Tang's future installments. We've already appreciated his SCF posts, which often go beyond a simple report of an issue to advocate for better public transportation, keep citizens apprised of the city's latest plans, or show-off some cool multi-media.

Check out the 3D animation he made to encourage the city to create a cycling track on a downtown New Haven street.


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