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SeeClickFix was netted by the Webbys

Our friends over at DigitalSurgeons in New Haven just gave us the heads up at that we were included in the Webbys' daily email today.   Every day the Webbys send out one site that they love.

As Arianna Huffington says,

"Nobody knows the web better than The Webbys team. If Netted says an app is killer or a site is a must-visit, it is." 

Heres what the good folks at the Webbys have to say about SCF: 

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

Report Problems and Improve Your City with SeeClickFix

Complaining on the Internet isn’t exactly revolutionary (see: the comment section on just about any website).
But actually resolving a complaint on the Internet? That’s, well, groundbreaking.
SeeClickFix is a nationwide service that allows citizens to report and track non-emergency issues within their neighborhood. Users enter a brief description of the problem or upload photos of cars blocking traffic, dangerous potholes, graffiti or other public nuisances.
The site routes the complaint to the proper authority, and progress on the matter is routinely updated so you can pat yourself on the back once the issue is resolved (or continue to draw attention to it if it isn’t).
There are apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry so upright citizens can document disruptive situations as they see them. For everyone’s safety, complaints may be made anonymously.
This is the Internet, after all.

You can sign-up for netted here

We are going to!


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