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The Knope Award

One of the most talked about tv shows around the SeeClickFix watercooler is the show Parks and Rec, a sitcom about the Parks Department employees in fictional Pawnee, Indiana.  The show stars Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, the department’s Deputy Director, and aspiring City Council member.  Leslie is endearingly enthusiastic about all things Pawnee, and committed to trumpeting the virtues of her home-town. You can learn a bit more about the character here.

We love this show because it’s hilarious, but also because of the civic good vibes it gives off.  Leslie may be a bit corny in her unabashed love for her community, but so are we!  More importantly, so are the many citizens who take advantage of SeeClickFix to improve their neighborhoods.   

In fact, some of the most committed citizens we encounter actually work in municipal governments, just like Leslie.  These people get up early, stay late, and work hard with a smile on their faces because they love where they live and what they do.  As SeeClickFix has continued to expand, we’ve encountered more and more of these committed public servants who are excited to take advantage of our service

So, to recognize the contributions of some of the most outstanding municipal employees who we work with, we’ve decided to create the (drum-role please...) Knope Award!  The Knope Award will be given monthly to a municipal employee who makes use of SeeClickFix, and who displays Leslie Knope-like devotion to his or her town.  Winners will be the subject of a SeeClickFix blogpost, and will receive a stylish SeeClickFix t-shirt.  

To nominate a friend (or yourself! As a wise person once said, treat. yo. self.) for the Knope award, please send an email to, and explain how this person goes above and beyond in their duties as civil servant, and how they integrate SeeClickFix into their work. Preference will be given to creative nominations that integrate Parks and Rec and Leslie Knope references  The winner will be announced near the end of each month.  


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