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A Crowdsourced Tree Canopy

Here in the Elm City, the Yale Urban Resources Initiative (URI) and the City of New Haven are in the midst of a campaign that aims to restore a diminishing tree canopy, while simultaneously benefiting our community in countless ways. The Tree Haven 10k is an effort to plant 10,000 trees citywide by 2014. The URI website explains how accomplishing this ambitious goal is possible.

Achieving this vision of protecting and enhancing New Haven't tree canopy will require both a public and private participation, as residents control the largest percentage of the city's tree canopy. The TreeHaven 10K campaign aims to match 5,000 trees planted on public lands by GreenSkills interns with 5,000 trees planted on private land by homeowners and major institutions. Together, the goal of 10,000 trees is well within reach.
The URI also explains how by reducing stormwater runoff, improving air quality and public health, and lowering energy bills, street trees in New Haven currently save the city a whopping $4 million! Now imagine the savings once the Tree Haven 10k is complete by checking out the Tree Benefits Calculator powered by DC based NPO Casey Trees. The URI also provides a wealth of Tree Haven 10k tools where residents can log trees they've planted to count towards the 10k, request a tree to be planted for free in front of their home, figure out what tree would be best for them to plant and even see an up-to-date map of the New Haven tree canopy.

SeeClickFix CEO Ben Berkowitz reported Issue #10612 - Street Trees Needed and Issue #1441 - Trees Needed, to draw attention to areas in his neighborhood that he saw needed some tree TLC. With the help of the URI, the SeeClickFix team will be planting new trees this summer, adding to the Tree Haven 10k tree canopy map!

At SeeClickFix, we are starting to rethink the old saying "money doesn't grow on trees"! The Tree Haven 10k is an example of how New Haven is proactively planting, however, communities everywhere are jumping on board and doing their part. SeeClickFix quickly found organizations in Tucson, Richmond, Raleigh and Atlanta whose mission is to help restore the tree canopy in their towns.

Can your community stand to be a little more green? Tell us about it! Report an issue to SeeClickFix showing your community where you'd like to see more trees planted, then leave it as a comment here or tweet it to us @seeclickfix!


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