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Using SeeClickFix to Meet All of Your Workflow Management Needs

We’ve recently created a series of videos that further explain how SeeClickFix can be used to best serve your governments, cities and citizens.

Departmental Management: Through our hosted CRM platform, your city can experience greater departmental organization and workflow management by routing requests to the appropriate field officer or department:

Route Requests to Counties: Do you need to route requests to a specific county or district within your city or town? SeeClickFix is the perfect solution to simplify issue distribution and workflow management using location-based technology:

Field Apps: Our new Field App solution allows distinctive departments within one municipality to report and address issues directly from the field - minus the paper, the computer, and the hassle. See a couch on the side of the street, but don’t have time to write down the issue? Simply open the Trash field app and select “couch.” The app captures your geographic location and the issue associated with your location:


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