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TGIF(ixed): The Driveway Dilemma

When a repair made by the city led to a huge headache for Charlotte, NC homeowner Ralph Bruce, SeeClickFix media partner WBTV stepped in to shine a light on his report and resolve the issue once and for all.

Ralph reported issue #116088 - The city did not repair my driveway after repairing a water pipe - after a city repair left his driveway, as well as his street, in shambles.

The city came out to repair a busted water pipe in front of my driveway. They had to break up my driveway to get to the pipe and has not repaired my driveway. I have made over ten calls to no avail. The crew that came out said that the city would have to contract a company out through the water department to repair the problem because of a brick wall that surround the driveway and the yard. The city not only left my driveway a mess but the street as well. Red mud is still in street because the cleaning crew did not do a good job cleaning the street. Please help me get the city back out to my house to correct this problem.
WBTV morning anchor John Carter was alerted of this issue thanks to the watch area and interactive widgets implemented by the outlet. He quickly got to work by contacting the city to see what could be done to address Ralph's driveway.

On August 16th, John reported an update to WBTV viewers on their morning broadcast.
I contacted the city and got a very fast response from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department. I'm told the city's asphalt/concrete contractor is scheduled to work on the driveway this week. The contractor wasn't able to get out there sooner due to other street restorations, according to the city. So the problem should be fixed this week.

We'll certainly keep you updated.
Unfortunately for Ralph, the week passed without a fix and his driveway was still a disaster.  As one week turned into two weeks and then three weeks, he again posted to SeeClickFix to let WBTV and WBTV viewers know the problem continued.

On Monday, thanks to Ralph's report and the persistence of WBTV, John Carter reported the update they had promised on their August 16th broadcast. of today, the driveway is being fixed. Crews were out Monday making the repairs.

But what took so long?
While WBTV will be looking into why this fix took so long to complete, SeeClickFixer Ralph is happy to be saying TGIF(ixed)!

Can you think of a better way to kick-off your weekend? We didn't think so! A HUGE thank you to our superstar media partner WBTV for bringing us this amazing TGIF(ixed) issue. The whole SeeClickFix team is looking forward to hearing more updates and seeing more issues fixed thanks to your hard work!


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