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Randolph, MA in the Top 10!

This week an article was posted on Wicked Local Randolph about the town cracking the top 10 of our List of Top Performing Cities. A long time ago our Co-founders came up with an algorithm (below) to allow smaller cities like Randolph and #1 ranked Tontitown (pop. 2,548) to compete with Chicago and Albuquerque (also in the top 10). 

The Algorithm:
Activity Score:
Total Number of Users, Watch Areas, Reports and Comments
Results Score:
Past 90 days: Activity x (%Fixed +(%Fixed / Average Days to Resolution))
"We are using technology, data, and accountability, to improve our performances across the spectrum of government services. Our scores are positive, but we can always do better."
- Brian Howard
Randolph Assistant Town Manager/Town Clerk

Residents saw it, clicked it, and got the services they needed as part of a national program designed to help municipal departments be more responsive to problems when they arise. The town ranked ninth in the country in the time it took to respond to requests by residents for municipal services. The top town was Tonitown, AR., while Malden came in third. Randolph has logged 1,535 calls for municipal services that translated into 211 results.

For the full Wicked Local article:


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