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A Few of My Favorite Government Features

SeeClickFix's Citizen Relationship Management Suite (CRM) has grown substantially over the past year and a half, quickly becoming an integral part of our municipal partners' everyday workflow. The idea behind it is simple, we automate as much as possible and for everything else we built an efficient non-technical user interface. Below is a few of my favorite features the SeeClickFix CRM has to offer.
The most recent addition to our CRM called Insight is far and beyond my favorite. Currently being beta tested with a few select cities, Insight makes it simple to pour through serious amounts of data to create charts and graphs highlighting everything from trends over time to the volume of reports.

Attaching Images:
The simple act of attaching images is a long standing municipal innovation that the SeeClickFix mobile app brought to the table. Often taken for granted these days, attaching a photo to service requests decreases the issue resolution time substantially.

The heat-map is one of the fastest and easiest ways to visualize geographical data on a map. Shown below is the density of graffiti reports in Washington DC. It's not all that surprising but if you notice at the bottom of the map, vandals tend to steer clear of the White House.

Google Maps:
Last but not least we have Google Maps. This is the ultimate in user friendliness for non-technical users. With integrated features like Google Street View it's easy to check out where you are going before you leave the office.

Thats my list, there are a lot of other features in our CRM but that's a quick snapshot of my favorites.


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