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SeeClickFix Iphone App. Version 1.0 Released

Extra Extra!

You can download the SeeClickFix iphone app. for free from the store today. See Issues and Comments Nearby and Report an issue with a photo and your GPS location right from your phone.

We're really excited about this release that Kam has been working away on for the past few months. Ever since we launched SCF people have been asking for an iphone app. We want to make it as easy as possible to engage in fixing up your community and we know that allowing you to interact with SeeClickFix while you're out in your neighborhood will help you document more ways you want your community fixed.

Once you download the app and report your first issue check out issues nearby and see if they've been fixed. Version 1.2 will be coming shortly with the ability to vote, comment and close issues right from the app as well.


  1. I'm the webmaster for Cedar Ave United in Minneapolis. You can see our SeeClickFix implementation at

    Very excited to see iPhone app!

  2.  I have used this site before with 3G phones but NEVER had luck at this site with 3GS phones. Everything I access this site from a 3GS phone and attempt to install a mobile config file from ATT it prompts me for a PW. No password is ever required from my 3G devices.

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