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SeeClickFix Helps Save Tax Dollars

SeeClickFix is not just a great way for citizens to get their concerns addressed by City Hall. In an era of budgetary pressure, it’s also a great way for cash-strapped municipalities to save money. This reality was highlighted very clearly in this insightful article in Government Technology. 

The basic problem the article outlines is that traditional, phone based 311 systems are very expensive. “A recent 15-city study of 311 by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that the average cost per 311 call is $3.39. Detroit came in with the highest cost per call at a whopping $7.78. Given that many cities handle hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of calls per year, those costs add up dramatically, causing some to question whether constituent convenience is worth the cost.” 

On the other hand, SeeClickFix is very affordable and straightforward to implement. The article continues, “Still, online alternatives to 311 calls generally are very inexpensive to launch, giving cities little to lose.” “There are almost zero barriers to entry,” said one city official. “There isn’t a lot of capital needed to offer online options.” 

Our fearless leader Ben Berkowitz was featured in the article, speaking to the ability that SeeClickFix gives to municipalities to save on costs, while enhancing the quality of experience for their constituents. “There is no question that in the last few years there has been a real trend toward customer service in general, and social media is a big part of that,” said Berkowitz. “SeeClickFix was designed to help bridge those two areas to make positive change happen more quickly and efficiently.” 

We’re pleased to see that our ability to save municipalities money while enabling them to engage with their citizens more effectively is being recognized, and look forward to providing this service to more cities in the near future.


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