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Neighbors Alerted by SeeClickFix Help Make a Path to the Hospital for a Woman in Labor

This one will rank as a SeeClickFix first. We know of at least four reports from pregnant women who documented that they were concerned about lack of access to hospitals during this past blizzard, Nemo.  

This is the only case that we know of where the woman was actually in labor, got her street plowed as a result of SeeClickFix, and delivered her baby six hours labor. 

Here's how it all went down as we understand it from the report:

Bekah in Branford CT, posted on the evening of February 9th: "Help! My due date was yesterday and I can't get anyone to plow our road! I'm afraid my minor and inconsistent contractions are going to turn more serious before too long. At this point I'm going to have to call 911 if I progress before the road gets plowed. Help!"

After we alerted Bekah that she should certainly alert 911 if she felt in danger,  another individual, Kate, chimed in to say that she had posted the report to other social media sites and had contacted Branford's Town Hall and others to spread the word. 

Forty-five minutes later a snow plow arrived: 

I can hear the plow! Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

And six hours later, the baby arrived. "A million gratitudes over again! I can't even put into words the immense gratitude I have for the crew who plowed Silver St in Branford. A very happy and healthy baby boy! 6 lbs 6 oz 19 in long. Born less than 6 hours of true contractions!"

The Back Channel:

Steve Mazzacane, a writer for the online news organization Branford Sevenreceived an alert from SeeClickFix about Bekah's call for help. Steve directly called the Branford Fire Chief, who was nearby. The Fire Chief later posted: "We became aware of it and we were out on another medical call with the payloader so the timing was perfect."


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