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Report Problems to Pinellas County With SeeClickFix

Originally posted on Palm Harbor Patch 

Is there a traffic light in your neighborhood that's not working right? Maybe that pothole you hit on your way to work every morning is driving you crazy and you think it should be fixed.

Pinellas County has a new app called "SeeClickFix" which allows residents to report non-emergency problems using a smart phone or a computer. The app allows users to text a message about the problem with the option of sending a photo. People who report problems will get an update from the county via email about what is being done to resolve the issue.

A quick check on the SeeClickFix web page found that people have reported several types of problems including; traffic lights that are mis-timed, graffiti, and trash in empty lots.

You can download the SeeClickFix app from the Apple App Store, Android Market or BlackBerry App World or at the Pinellas County SeeClickFix app page.

With just a few clicks, you can start reporting issues in Pinellas County here!


  1. Anonymous says:

    There is an empty lot on Industrial Blvd just off Anclote Blvd that has trash, and trash bags thrown
    everywhere. It's an eyesore, and draws animals which
    just makes the problem worse. It would be great to get
    this mess cleaned up. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like you want to report an issue to Luckily, you can report issues as a guest or under a SeeClickFix account. To post as a guest, go to and set your location to the proper city or neighborhood. Then click "Report an Issue" in the upper left hand corner and you will be taken to the report form. Then, drag the marker to the location of your issue or type in its address. Click "Next" and then you can provide additional information about your issue, including a summary, description, and even an image. Fill in your email address and a display name, and click "Report An Issue." When reporting under a SeeClickFix account, you would follow the same process except you would not be prompted for your display name or email address in the last step.


  3. Anonymous says:

    There is trash on the corner of mlk and 18ave south. please fix asap please

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