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CityCamp Colorado 2011

This Friday, CityCamp Colorado 2011 will again bring together a great group of people dedicated to enhancing access to government in the Centennial State. SeeClickFix is proud to be a sponsor of this year's participant-driven unconference, organized by Open Colorado.

While the theme of this year's CityCamp Colorado is "Enhancing Access to Government", the topics and discussions are decided by the participants. Open Colorado's Brian Gryth explained the importance of the theme, for both citizens and government, on their blog.
We chose access to government as the theme because citizens are becoming both more engaged and more frustrated with government. Furthermore, they are becoming more active and mobile. Thus, they expect the government to respond to their needs on modern day terms.
Tools such as the internet, social media, smartphones, and others hold the promise of improving government, but it's up to citizens and local governments to utilize these tools and fulfill this promise. Participants at CityCamp Colorado will be discussing how local government can improve access to services, make information easier to find, and create meaningful citizen engagement using modern technology. The organizers at CityCamp Colorado seek to create innovative and practical solutions to make cities and other local communities more open and “user friendly"; clearly a goal near and dear to our collective heart here at SeeClickFix.

The unconference kicks off tomorrow with an hour of Ignite presentations to help spark discussions and ideas for the day. Our very own Jeff Mooney will be attending this year's CityCamp Colorado, as well as giving an Ignite presentation. If you're there, be sure to say hello!


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